Electrolyte Water Test Machine

For testing condoms in the laboratory to detect leaks according to ISO 4074: 2002 Standard – Annex L

Description of the machine

  • Frame made from stainless steel
  • Mounts for 10 condoms - for all Standard requirements (filling 300ml)
  • Programmable water level for filling the condoms
  • Adjustable threshold level for report - standard is 50 mV
  • Recording of the measurement value during the whole submersion process
  • Simultaneous recording of the measured value of all 10 condoms
  • Saving of max. value, additional visual report of the limits by 20 LED's green - red, i.e., good or reject
  • Exact records of the measured values are shown on the monitor screen and are saved in data bank and printed and if desired recalled and reprinted
  • Repetition function for testing the same product without adding water and influence on previous obtained results
  • Detection and documentation of position of hole defect of condom, expressed in mm from bead optionally available
  • Calibration program for convenient calibration and documentation
  • Solid SS support frame
  • Pentium 4 PC, 17” flat screen monitor, licensed Windows XP based laboratory software
  • Electronic and Software made in Germany upgrade through internet
  • Spare parts for 2 years of operation

Technical data:
Power supply: 220-240V, 50/60Hz
Method: ompressed air 6 bar oil and water free
Weight: c. 40 kg
Dimensions: 1.35m x 0.50m x 1.20m w/o PC