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Technology & know-how delivered seamlessly

Richter Hi-Tech delivers a seamless turn-key solution for all your manufacturing needs. We deliver the complete know-how of the trail-blazing 'Richter Production System', from initial compound mixing machinery to quality control of the final packaged product: seamless manufacturing efficiency.

The 'Richter' name stands for quality AND value
Richter's rich heritage in the condom industry positions them as leaders in their field. Richter Hi-Tech is an internationally recognized industry pioneer. Richter Hi-Tech co-founders, Klaus Richter and Mano Subra provide quality assurance and a first class service of care to all customers. read more about our history

Richter Hi-Tech provides a consultancy service wherever and whenever required, globally. We currently service clients on all Continents; except Antarctica! We travel the globe meeting the needs of established multi-national companies and new entrepreneurial entrants into the evolving condom industry. We adhere to global ISO & DIN standards and other relevant certified bodies.

We also provide further options for clients who wish to do part production on-site and part off-site, with full access to our production process and related quality data.
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