Condom Testing Laboratory Equipment
Newly developed integrated rrt laboratory equipment combines data of all physical tests on condoms via computer and provides an effective labour saving data management system.

Special emphasis placed on the reliability and user-friendliness of the test program and equipment. Some examples include:

Universal Tensile Testing Machine: very compact machine, frame; working table made from cast iron and powder coated steel sheets; auto return of cross head after test; 200 or 500 Newton Load Cell made in Germany; software specially designed for tests on condoms (on request also for gloves)

Electrolyte Water Tester: to test for holes; measured values are shown on the monitor screen and are saved in a data bank and printed. compact British Standard Water Tester: 10 condom holders; stainless steel and other non corroding components; auto or manual run mode; programmable counter with timer.

Air Burst-Pressure cabinet: number of cabinets to connect to PC is extendible up to six units or more test heads - on request; automatic door closing and opening; noise insulated; newly designed automatic test head for easy unrolling of condoms and auto load of clamping mechanism - avoids damage to the test specimen.
Thickness gauges, Scales and other Digitized Measuring Devices.

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