Sealing Machine for Condoms

Production machine for lubricating and sealing of condoms into air and lubricant tight foils

Description of the machine
The machine is designed for one operator, placing un-lubricated tested and rolled condoms from a tray into a segmented endless conveyor belt

The condom is pushed and pulled into a sealing position, where the condom is lubricated with silicone oil and subsequently hermetically sealed
Total nominal output of machine 200 gross/8 h shift 600 gross/day
A touch panel monitor allows you to program and displays production parameters; and indicates errors or machine problems

Serrated cutting, strip length is freely programmable. Eye mark sensor for exact cutting length of full picture
Seal pack is optionally available

Provision to connect ink jet or other printer type, printing table provided
On-line labeling system available in “Ink Jet”, “Laser” or “Hot Foil Printing”

Individual sealing formats -for example 30x70, 55x55 70x40 65x65 etc.
accordingly roll sizes varies from 50mm – 70mm width

Extreme fast change of sealing rolls and sealing formats
Sealing dies are easy to clean
Silicone dosage pump for lubrication provided

Design registration for full length design by eye mark or contrast recognition is optionally available

Technical data:
capacity: output of approx. 60 – 75 pcs./min., speed is adjustable
operator: 1 operatorfoiling format: 55x55, 60x40, 30x70mm others on request
power supply: 220/240V 50/60 Hz, c. 0.8kW or after requirement
compressed air: 6 bar oil and water free c. 5.0 m³/h
dimension: (length x width x height) 1.50 m x 0.7 m x 1.20 m
weight: c. 570 kg

Guarantee period:
One year – not including normal wear and tear on parts like bearings, sealing dies, belts etc.