Dry Electronic Screening and Rolling Machine

Production machine for screening of condoms for thin spots and pinholes by high voltage drying, rolling and sorting for rejects.

Description of machine
High voltage dry screening system
The machine has two independent testing/working places
Each place has an output of c. 38-45 PCs./min., speed is adjustable
Total nominal output of machine 220-250 gross/8 h shift depending on the ability of the operators
Each side has 6 aluminium mandrels on turntable, designed after the requirements of the customer - (Stainless Steel option available)
The condoms are tested, rolled up and separated into good or reject and collected in separate bins
Secure roll up and keep in place system

Newly developed Electronic - up to 2,500V testing voltage and improved scanning system

Technical data:
capacity: 76 to 88 PCs. / min., mechanically adjustable
operator: 2 operatorspower supply: 380/400V 3 phase, 50/60Hz, c. 0.9 kW
compressed air: 6 bar oil and water free c. 2 m³/h
dimension: length x width x height: 1.55 m x 1.25 m x 1.10 m
weight: approx. 430kg

Optionally available:
Double screening system of condoms - 2 scanners are installed.
This featue doubles the testing time and improves the reliability.

Software and interface to connect a PC for full data collection

Guarantee period:
One year – not including normal wear and tear on parts like bearings, brushes, belts etc.