Condom Production Machine – double Track

Condom Production Machine

length approx. 35.5 meters
The daily capacity (24 hrs.) of one dipping machine line and its components is approx. 1,600 gross or 230,000 pcs.
Shipment in 4 x 40’ containers
1 rrt Production line,
dimensions: length c. 35.5 meters, width 1.6, high approx. 1.9m
connecting power: 3 phase 380-440V 50/60Hz – 160 - 180kW,
continuous requirement under production conditions max. 75kW
each machine features:
nominal operational chain speed from 120 pcs. (4.2m/min.) up to 180 pcs/min (6.3m/min) controlled by inverter geared motor, 1.5 kW  
1,000 borosilicate glass formers, (960 on the machine) 33-37mm Ø, with smooth surface and reservoir (other types on request) on line approx 930 formers, approx. 70 spare formers are delivered
2 SS Dip tanks, with thermostate controlled cooling jacket and connection to chilling unit
Automatic stripping of condoms alternative - by double brushes or under water jet stripping system
Automatic cleaning and drying of glass formers after stripping
Automatic beading station
Fully thermostat controlled intermediate dryer, vulcanization ovens and leach tank
Machine is prepared to control and record all functions by PC

Technical data:
Capacity: 150 to 190 pcs. / min., speed is freely programmable
Operator: 1 operator
Power supply: 380/400V 50/60Hz, c. 150kW connecting power, 120kW installed
Water supply: clean, soft drinking water, c. 200 l/hr.
Compressed air: 5 bar oil and water free c. 0.5 m³/h (for Automatic level control)
Dimension: 37.6m x 1.6m x 1.90 m (length x width x height)
Total Weight: approx. 15 tons

Optionally available:  
Machine is prepared to control and record all functions by PC
Hardware and software and installation of complete monitoring system per machine

Guarantee period:
One year – not including normal wear and tear on parts like bearings, brushes, belts, glass formers etc.